Purpose of the Program

The University Lands organization (“UL”) acts on the behalf of the Board Regents of the University of Texas to fulfill the fiduciary duty to make decisions about the management of Permanent University Fund (“PUF”) lands that are in the best interest of the Permanent University Fund. UL has recently been charged with developing greater technical expertise related to operations on PUF Lands. To that end, UL is dedicating significant resources to the acquisition of operational data and to building tools to facilitate data exchange between oil and gas operators and the UL organization. UL is committed to making data collection as efficient as possible for operators and clearly communicating data requirements. The goals of the program are to set clear data collection expectations and to provide tools for streamlined reporting capabilities.

 Operators’ Data Reporting Requirements

Operators are required to provide any data related to operations on PUF lands upon UL’s request, both in the form and on the timeline specified by UL.

 What Data Is Required?

UL’s data collection efforts are focused on well-specific data and include daily production data for oil, gas, and water and accompanying surface and bottom hole pressure readings. A monthly allocated production report of oil, gas, water, and days on per well is also required. All well records must be identified by a 14 digit UWI. Examples and templates can be found in the Data Templates section here (Templates). UL will notify operators of additional data and reporting requirements.

 How University Lands Will Use the Data?

UL is using the data to improve its internal understanding of all technical aspects of the lands.